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Breed Notes - 23 Feb 2011
It is only a couple of weeks till Crufts, and this year our entries are down on last year’s 52, with 15 dogs and 19 bitches making 37 entries in all. It will be interesting to see who has come over from the continent this year. I have done a bit of calculating to work out when we might be in the ring, and as far as I can tell, it could be any time from about 12.30, but of course this is not anything official, and exhibitors should always make sure they are at the venue in good time, to cover all eventualities.

On the show front, Lucy Campbell had success with her boy Levi (Pines Monet), going best of breed at the National Working Open show at Coventry, under judge P. Harding. Congratulations to them both.

Some sad news, Gill Stockton’s mother has recently died. She had been unwell for a while, and had been living with Gill and Jim for the past year or two. Our thoughts and sympathy go to Gill and her family at this dark time.

More bad news, Julia Christopherson has a broken arm, and will miss Crufts, among other things. She is somewhat fed up, and would appreciate contact, phone calls, flowers ….anything, really…to relieve the tedium of inactivity.

We had a lovely day on Sunday, visiting both Helen & Nick Boisseau and Maggie & Lloyd Spencer with their respective litters, both of which are coming along really nicely. For first-timers, Helen & Nick have got it all worked out, and Freya has been a model mother. Gracie’s pups are very much up and about, getting into everything and being very playful, but I did note that they all came directly when Maggie called them. I don’t suppose she can help herself doing a bit of training with them! Actually, it became a bit of a party at Maggie’s, with Janet Pearce and Lynne & Liz there too.

It is half-term week, so we have our daughter and her two children, 5 & nearly 2, with us. The dogs have to be very patient, and it is somewhat of a relief if everything goes without incident. I guess our breed note organiser from Dog World has small children, because her notes about deadlines included a reference to “17 sleeps “ till Crufts…..just the same way of denoting time as we have here right now. Actually, it is very good to watch Finn, the 5 year old, with Acorn, now coming up to 2. Last year, he found her exuberance a bit scary, but now he’s a bit bigger and she is a little calmer, and they are firm friends. I hope this will be an on-going relationship….I think there is nothing quite like a growing boy and a dog in partnership.

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This article was posted on: 28-Feb-11