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Breed Notes - 15 Feb 2011
I’m feeling a bit drained this week as it has been a rather disappointing time on the Working Trials front with Whistle. In spite of really training long and hard, and finding strange fields and different venues to practice all the various disciplines we still failed to qualify at either of the two weekend Trials we attended. I hate giving up but when it’s a question of the dog’s age and fitness I don’t feel you have any choice, and we will have to be content with an Open UD and not a Ch. UD. It does make me all the more determined though, to get cracking with the youngster, Acorn. James and Caroline must also be feeling disappointed as Scamp is not in whelp, although things looked so promising early on. Several prospective homes will now also be disappointed.

On a positive note, Freya has had her puppies, and their birth was a straightforward affair for Helen & Nick, and over in a very short time, about 4 hours start to finish, and 9 lovely b/g puppies to show for it. Such a contrast to Maggie’s long drawn out whelping, but then Freya is daughter to the most organised Orchid, whereas Gracie’s mother is Whistle, who really wanted nothing to do with the whole process. We are aiming to visit both litters over the weekend, so will have more to tell next time. With modern communications, though, we have already been treated to several “progress” pictures, and both bitches look to have taken to motherhood like the proverbial ducks to water.

I am sure we are all familiar with our own dogs’ voices, and I had a delightful email from Bryan and Hilary Waterlow on the subject of the different barks their Harry uses for different happenings. The other evening, they were eating their just-purchased fish & chips at the dining table when Harry started his “big boy” bark, indicating that someone or something was in the kitchen that shouldn’t be, and watched Harry edging slowly backwards. Investigation found the culprit to be the screwed-up fish & chip paper, which was slowly unscrewing itself and getting larger again. Clearly, Harry thought the paper was alive and moving on its own. They claim the only Hovawart afraid of a paper bag, but I suspect that this reaction to an new phenomenon is rather more common than most of us would like to admit! To be fair to Harry, he also showed exemplary behaviour, calm but alert, on a late night walk in Romford, not noted for its quiet and leafy lanes.
This article was posted on: 16-Feb-11