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Breed Notes - 25 Jan 2011
Orchid frightened us today, or, to be more accurate, the vets did the frightening about her. She is just approaching what I (rather unscientifically) regard as a dangerous age in dogs, 9. It seems that cancers and other such nasties can rear their ugly heads at this age for dogs, rather as they can for people in their early sixties. Anyway, Orchid has, over the past few weeks, had an annoyingly persistent lameness, apparently impervious to the rest and medicines prescribed, so today was x-ray day. She was duly left this morning, considerably disgruntled by the “no food” rule, and we waited till we could decently phone to get her and the results. When we arrived, the vet who had “done” her was not there, but had left word to be called when we arrived, as she wanted “to talk to us about something”. The suspense, as you can imagine, was awful, with bone cancer top of our expectations. We were led to her cage in the bowels of the building….no conversation… finally, there she was, bouncy as usual, and the nurse then told us that they had spotted a small patch of arthritis in her shoulder, and a suitable drug was to be dispensed. Never was there so much joy over a dog having a painful (but long term) condition!! Maybe the vets feel we need a bit of drama and suspense in our lives, but as afficianados of the detective genre, we feel we get enough of that from the box.

Our weekend was taken up with a visit “back home” (we’ve been away 18 years, but still…) for our grandson’s 5th birthday. Happily, he lives only 5 minutes away from Maggie Spencer, so we took the opportunity to look in on her litter. I have to say I was most envious of her set-up, with the new family happily ensconced in the conservatory, with immediate access to the garden and living room, so they are part of things, but not crowded in on. Lloyd has fixed up cc tv so that the litter are being monitored 24/7,and with sets in virtually every room, supervision was easily maintained without the need for Maggie to be actually with them all the time. The pups are only a couple of weeks old, so it was difficult to get anything much more than an overall impression, but they certainly looked good and lively, and I must say, against my better judgement, the 2 blonds were very striking!
The year hardly seems started, but we have just received the notification of the date and venue for the Club AGM. This year it is on March 27th, at Elinor Anderson’s lovely house at Talybont-on-Usk, which you will have rightly guessed is in Wales, quite near Brecon. Items for the agenda need to be with Liz by February 27th, and don’t forget to send John your subscriptions.
This article was posted on: 26-Jan-11