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Breed Notes - 18 Jan 2011
Following on from Dog World 14th January the headlines, referring to the Kennel Club’s decision no longer to register puppies born by caesarean section from a bitch that has already had two such operations, got me thinking, and I couldn’t recall a single Hovawart litter born in this way, at least not in the last 25 years. I asked Julie Condron and Min Inches and they could only come up with one single puppy born by C. section, so all in all I think I can say that this legislation is most unlikely to affect our breed. Long may it last! Our bitches really seem to be so very capable, and seldom brook interference from the early stages of whelping until the puppies start to need weaning. There of course has to be an exception….our Whistle!

Talking of puppies, Maggie Spencer’s litter is progressing well (I’m hoping to see them at the weekend!) and Freya has been scanned positive so we have an exciting first litter for Helen & Nick Boisseau in Surrey. No confirmation from Spicemill as yet,but I hope to hear from Caroline shortly. So many bitches appear to be coming into season at this time, I do so hope that Whistle hangs on for a little while longer, as I have a Working Trial entered in two weeks, and I shall be so disappointed if we are unable to attend. If only bitches just had seasons when you wanted puppies! I heard recently that Gill Stockton’s Mother has had a stroke, I don’t know any other details, but hopefully she is stable again now and out of danger. Gill must have had a very anxious time, and our thoughts are with her and Jim.

Sometimes the older dogs can be exasperating, can’t they? Last week, Tilly was in the spotlight, this week it is Limerick, who, at 12, has just taken up the hobby of paper tearing. Very little is safe, but I suppose she felt some justification in yesterday’s effort, in that she shredded John’s minutes from the KC Liaison Council Breeds Council, which had only just arrived in the post. Perhaps we need to ask the KC to omit the words “hovawart representative” from the documents, and she may leave them alone next time!

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 12-Jan-11