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Breed Notes - 11 Jan 2011
Sometimes puppies are born in a rush…certainly we have had a litter of half a dozen born within a couple of hours or so…but Maggie Spencer’s eight took what must have seemed forever, well in excess of 24 hours, with a proportionate amount of anxiety to go with it. The final count was six dogs and two bitches, including a blond one of each, which will certainly please those who were afraid that we were becoming a “one colour” breed. Sadly, one of the dogs didn’t make it, but all the others are doing well so far. I was reading recently some anecdotal speculation on the influence of coat colour on the character and temperament of dogs, and it will be interesting to watch these puppies to see if colour makes any difference. Maggie tells me that the blonds are particularly good “doers” so far.

There are only a couple of days left for on-line entries for Crufts, the last day being Friday of this week, January 14th. I hope everyone who has qualified will make the effort, because it is so much the showcase for pedigree dogs of all breeds, and we don’t want to be under-represented, do we? Plans are coming on for the manning of “Discover Dogs” for each of the 4 days. If you want to help, give Julie Condron a call on 01253 777186. She is co-ordinating the Club effort as usual. I wonder what sort of competition we will face from the continent this year under Jack Bispham, who has taken over judging from the original appointee.

Our Tilly has just turned thirteen, but shows no signs of growing out of her habit of thieving food at every opportunity. In the past couple of weeks she has had the chickens’ bread twice, once when we were actually in the room, and the cows’ vegetable cast-offs as well. Her supreme moment, though, was sorting the edibles from amongst the wrapped gifts placed so carefully under the Christmas tree for the grandchildren to open on The Day. She must still have a really good nose, because there were a couple of tins involved. I had difficulty sorting them out, even with my glasses on and a label to read! Still, we wouldn’t really have her any other way (but heaven knows we have tried!)

Elaine Betts

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This article was posted on: 05-Jan-11