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Breed Notes - 6 Dec 2011
Completely out of the blue Acorn started coughing! Where on earth do the bugs come from? Thank goodness she is very well in herself, but that obvious cough and little piles of white foam around the kitchen floor leave me with no doubt “kennel cough” strikes again. The adult dogs seem to have acquired immunity against it, and thank goodness we haven’t got puppies (apart from Little Dorrit, who is unaffected by her cough as well), elderly old crocks, (apart from Limerick!) or flat-faced dogs. Actually I suppose it’s almost convenient because the next show we would not want to miss is Crufts. After a couple of very sticky sessions I have perfected administering cough mixture (Benylin is really effective) with a syringe popped into the side of the patient’s mouth and small quantities of watery milk with Manuca honey immediately afterwards. This seems to aid recovery.

After talking with Sue Scully recently, she reminded me that her Sky was the very first Hovawart to be awarded a Gold Good Citizen Certificate – another reason that makes her special, and although we have had others since, it is the hardest test that the KC suggest, and it’s no pushover, and if you look at the overall numbers that owners enter, the gold has far fewer entries than the bronze and silver.

I need to get the children’s Fancy Dress box out again this week as it’s the last ringcraft class before Christmas on Tuesday next, and I like to have a go at dressing up one of the dogs. This year it’s a toss-up between a Hawaiian dancer and our attempt at “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, with Acorn in a black fringed 20’s dress. Either costume would look better if she would walk backwards with her paws on my shoulders, but I think that may be pushing it!!

A quick reminder that we still have a few Club Calendars available for the maiden Aunt you don’t know what to buy this Christmas! What could be nicer? Details from the website or me.

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This article was posted on: 07-Dec-11