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Breed Notes - 29 Nov 2011
We soon won’t have to leave the comfort of our own homes to purchase just about anything as a result of the Internet and all it offers. Being of an age where IT is like a foreign language it has taken me longer than some folk to actually consider purchasing veterinary products from “on line” Drug Companies, but after a recent visit to our Vet, the drug Metacam was suggested for dear old Limerick, now 13 years old, to assist movement, particularly getting up and down, which has become a slow awkward business for her. As instructed this oral suspension was prescribed and Limerick has been benefiting from the result. The bill from the Vet was just a few pence shy of £40. Imagine my shock then at discovering this very same drug could be purchased on line for just over £12 and delivered the following day to our door, thus saving not only a considerable sum on the product, but as our vet is a good 10 miles away, a not-to-be-sniffed-at amount of diesel…..incidentally, can anybody out there explain to me why diesel is now some 8p.more expensive than petrol, when it used to be cheaper, and indeed still is on the continent, one of life’s little puzzles, I suppose….giving me a glow for helping to reduce carbon emissions. I can fully understand that Vets must be allowed to mark purchases up, but heavens above, not that much, surely! As it is a prescription drug, you can get a scrip from the vet that will allow you to buy it for yourself, but of course they charge for that, I think in the region of £20 to start with (a bit like a corkage charge)……. and there was me thinking the Vets made their income from consultations, operations and vaccinations! Perhaps I had better not look at these web sites any more.

I’ve received some sad news from Sue Scully. Her “Sky” (Schwarzwald Corona) was put to sleep to save further suffering recently. She was 12 and has left a big gap in their household. Sue had a wonderful bond with Sky, who wasn’t the easiest dog in the world to train, but together they achieved a great deal. Her swan song must be winning Special Vintage bitch at the club show last year in a strong class. She also won the “Tia” Trophy in 2003 for her enthusiastic embrace of working trials. Our thoughts go to Sue and Claire at this sad time.

The committee meeting that was to be held at Anne’s had to be cancelled, as so few folk could make it, a great pity as we were looking forward to seeing the puppies. It has been re-schedule for January in Weobley. Everybody is just so busy at this time of the year. I was expecting some snow, particularly as I wanted a snowy photograph of the dogs in the garden to use as this year’s Christmas card –somehow sitting in mud doesn’t have the same impact. I guess last year was a one off.

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This article was posted on: 30-Nov-11