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Breed Notes - 8 Nov 2011
We received an interesting letter this week from Frank Komatar in Utah in the USA, who is an avid hunter, as they often are in the wilder parts of America, together with a picture of his 11 year old Hovawart that he got when she was just a year, her previous owners finding her “too much dog to handle”. He has obviously managed very well with her, because she has now 4 obedience degrees, and he says that as a hunter, she has the best nose of any dog he has hunted with. She first learnt from a Sussex Spaniel, so started as a flushing dog, but Frank found that after a couple of years, she took to pointing and retrieving as well. The photo shows her sitting proudly in front of a dozen rather dead rabbits (being American, they look bigger than ours, more like hares), and the caption reads “still smiling after a 3 hour hunt”. Frank is rightly very proud of her.

The real purpose of Frank’s letter was to order a Club calendar, which gives me a chance to remind the rest of you to do the same. There are 12 excellent photos of really nice Hovawarts, with all 3 colours properly represented….just the thing to send to your friends for Christmas. Hurry, before it is too late and you have that feeling of regret that cannot be assuaged by a hastily purchased offering from your local WHSmiths.

On a rather sadder note, we also received a ‘phone call from a lady in the Isle of Wight, who has had to say a final “goodbye” to her bitch of sixteen and three-quarters….yes, 16.75….years old. What an amazing age for a big dog to achieve, but of course she will leave an extremely large gap to fill. As the lady is now of rather advanced years herself, she was hoping that there might be a middle-aged Hovawart waiting to be rescued. Sadly for her, but happily for the breed, there are no rescues at the moment of any age, and indeed there haven’t been since Harry, 18 months ago now. As he showed, often it is the very difficult dog that is in need of re-homing, and he wasn’t suitable for anyone. I do hope the lady finds a companion for herself. It isn’t impossible, as an 85 year old lady in our village has just proved by taking on a 9 year old boxer bitch that had previously only known kennels, breeding and showing, and is very docile. Watching them together, it is hard to tell who is happier with the arrangement.

It is Discover Dogs this coming weekend, so if you find yourself in the Earls Court area on Saturday or Sunday, do look in and say hello. Hopefully, you will find us surrounded by genuinely interested members of the public, who find our breed as beautiful as we do.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 09-Nov-11