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Breed Notes - 1 Nov 2011
After speaking to Julie this evening, I learnt of the death of Anne Travis’s Mother which came as a shock to the family as she had recovered from a bout of cellulitis and was about to leave hospital when she had a heart attack and died shortly afterwards. She was 89. Our condolences go to Anne, Dave and her family at this sad time. Consequently her litter of puppies has had to take rather a back seat, but by all accounts the puppies are doing well, gaining weight rapidly, and during the coming weeks will hopefully be a very welcome distraction. The puppies, all bitches, are all three colours, and as yet Anne is undecided which she will be keeping, always a difficult task. The sire is Armani vom Steilen Hang which is a new and different pedigree, and shows next year should prove interesting with at least three litters with new foreign blood lines, and one all English ….except that we only have to go back a couple of generations to find everything imported.

Returning to the subject of the KC Assured Breeder scheme which I was talking about in previous breed notes, it just so happened that John spotted our direct debit to the KC for £10 this month, being the annual remittance required with the scheme, which I think is a pitiful amount. Maybe the KC should increase this sum in order to pay their representatives properly thus putting the whole idea on a more professional footing. I wonder if we will get any “feed-back” from the visit – nothing heard up till now, so I just presume all was OK.

Had a great e mail from Patti Beedham with pictures from the Hovawart summer “camp” the Swiss club runs every year. Hovawarts and their owners are involved in every sort of outside activities –from mass sit stays, to team games, and tracking. I wish we had the sort of numbers that would make this sort of event possible in UK, although I understand from Patti that the level of fitness required, whilst not a problem for the dogs, might be a tad challenging for some owners!

Remember it’s 5th November this coming week, so consider your dogs, especially if they are nervous of thunder storms and sudden bangs. We had our bonfire night a week early because it was half term, and the grand-children look forward to it. The dogs loved all the noise and excitement, but the big “Guy” made out of John’s pyjamas terrified Acorn!

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This article was posted on: 02-Nov-11