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Breed Notes - 11 Oct 2011
It’s so easy to be wise, after the event! For a couple of years now we have been meaning to have a bitch speyed and somehow have never got around to it, resulting in a nearly 9 year old suffering a pyometra with all its complications. After three weeks I think we are out of the woods now, but please don’t hesitate if you are in a similar situation, because the later you leave it the more serious the operation and after care become. We are just working on the appetite now, and small cocktail sausages, sliced black pudding, and hard boiled eggs seem to be the order of the day.

Julie has done her usual excellent job on our annual Yearbook, and Newsletter. If you feel you are entitled to a copy of each and haven’t yet received them please let either Julie or myself know. Great picture of Driftingsky Mist on the front cover of the Year book, after her win at the Club show last year, and an up to date Breed standard is always good to have on hand. I think I may actually be starting to understand Inbreeding Coefficients, especially if I keep re-reading the article on page 43.

What a wonderful autumn we have been enjoying here in Hereford, I have been collecting conkers on my dog walks and will look forward to conker fights with a small 5 year old grandson in half term next week. Try and make the most of these gorgeous days, they can’t last for much longer.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 12-Oct-11