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Breed Notes - 4 Oct 2011
Well, it is all over for another year. We were very lucky with the weather. Apparently, at home, 50 miles south of the venue, it was a swelteringly hot day, with non-stop sunshine, but at Oswestry, it was dull and overcast, with a distinct hint of autumn in the air….much better for the dogs, but still enabling us to be outside. The only drawback to that was that the show was somewhat spread out, and although the entry was similar to last year, it felt a bit sparse. That didn’t detract from the enthusiasm of the raffle ticket sellers, as all available tickets were sold, raising a large sum, both for the club and the IHF fund, thanks to our breed judge on the day, Julie Condron, who furnished all the prizes in the ”senior” raffle. Grateful thanks go as well to all those who contributed prizes to the “other” raffle, and all those whose arms were twisted to buy the tickets.

Still on fund-raising, John did the last draw for the “100” club, which has produced well over £500 for the fund, and also sold the final few tickets for the Steiff “Dex”, which was won by a very excited Susi Thayer. For a change, justice prevailed, because she was the biggest contributor.

I want to commend a couple who didn’t actually go, because one of their dogs had kennel cough. I know everyone is supposed to absent themselves in those circumstances, but in my experience, it is a very rare show when you don’t hear a cough or two, so Tanja and Neil…good on you!!
Once again, we were very grateful to have Mesdames Taylor and Prior doing the KC “Good Citizen” tests, and this year we had 12 entrants for the 3 standards, of which only one failed to make the grade, giving us 4 bronze, 3 silver and 4 gold awards, an achievement for both individual and breed pride.

Our obedience judge, Sally Collins, also had a big entry, with 21 participants in the 4 classes. Winners were Caron McLure with Penny in Pre-beginners, topping a wonderful first appearance at a Club Show as she was also best puppy in the breed classes, Beginners went to Julia Christopherson with Nell, another breed winner in limit bitch. The Novice class was won by Paula Foakes with Merlot, who was also this year’s winner of the “Tia Trophy”, given for achievements outside the show ring by a Hovawart, in his case his exceptional progress in the obedience ring, with Maggie Spencer’s Gracie taking the “A” class. For me, though, and for a lot of the onlookers, the performance of the day was by Nigel Print’s dog, Sovereign, who demolished the ring way before the end of proceedings!!!

In the breed ring, Julie Condron found her main winner in Craig and Sarah Hosie’s beautiful blonde bitch, Caeleg (Annvad Daimy’s Princess for Hosarvar), who repeated her success of 2008 as Best in Show, quite an achievement after her illness earlier in the year. Best dog was a first for Janet Pearce and Ian Dangerfield’s Obi (Pines Anubis) and best veteran for the 3rd year in a row was our Orchid (Kynyaf Tiy of Pines). No doubt a full list of all the placings will appear on the website in due course, hopefully with a goodly number of photos. As all the helpers wearily made their way home, it felt that the day had been successfully negotiated, in no small part due to our tireless secretary, Liz Whitmore, show manager Joan Golding and the club committee members (and their partners), who all mucked in with gusto. Roll on 2012 and the IHF !!
Following last week’s notes, I am happy to report that the 3 beagle puppies that got at the mushrooms are now fully recovered. Samples of the offending fungi have been sent to Kew for analysis….watch this space!!

Elaine Betts

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This article was posted on: 05-Oct-11