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Breed Notes - 27 Sep 2011
The club sponsors classes at the Bedford & District Canine Society Open Show, at Moulton Agricultural College, so we felt a certain obligation to enter. After consulting the schedule we realized that it would be an early start (unusual for us) so I got up at 5.30a.m., did the animals and we set off by 7.00.a.m. Can you believe it, the Judge’s SatNav had difficulty in finding the venue, and she was consequently late, so the later scheduled breeds were brought forward and although we were not hanging about for hours, it was disappointing and not quite worthy of all my rushing about, and even more important the missing of breakfast! Our entry of seven dogs didn’t seem very great, although it does compare well with some of the Championship shows this year, but we did show up well against some other breeds on the day, for example, there were six Boxers eight Rottweilers. I guess the harsh economic climate, especially the price of petrol, is having a big effect on entries. Having said all that we had a great time and all met up and had lunch together, which was very nice, and it was interesting to get our first look at Liz and Lynne’s new black puppy, Torin. He looks a super boy, all very exciting, and as we had taken Little Dorrit with us, it was great to watch the two puppies rompsing together.

At ringcraft this afternoon a friend was looking pale and worried because three of her six-week-old puppies had suddenly started being sick, and poorly. She caught them eating wild mushrooms, so just be warned, it is the mushroom season, and goodness knows why puppies do eat silly things, but for there to be such a quick reaction must mean that these particular ones have to be very toxic. They are all in the Vet’s as I speak, and I will report on their progress in the next notes.

It is the Club show next Sunday, so I should have lots to write about. The weather seems to be set fair, but I will believe that on Monday when it’s all over, for the moment, fingers crossed!

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 28-Sep-11