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Breed Notes - 13 Sep 2011
I know that summer sunshine is wonderful, but walking dogs, particularly those with coats designed to withstand an eastern German winter, which I know from experience can have temperatures of minus 15 for weeks on end, on hot sticky days is far from ideal, and this blustery September has been such a breath of fresh air, in every sense of the word, for all of us, dogs and people alike.

We opted out of Richmond this year in favour of a visit to our local Kington show, which incorporated both an open and companion dog show with the livestock classes, motorbike display teams and side shows of a traditional country show. Unfortunately, it also managed the traditional heavy showers, and we were soaked by the time we had regained the car. Happily, we were parked on stubble, so getting back on the road was not the worry we expected, but the smell of wet dog very much was. Apart from the not inconsiderable saving in diesel, I think we made the wrong choice, as I hear it was a nice day at Loseley Park for the Richmond Show, where Terry Munro gave a first BoB to Maggie Spencer’s Isa (P. Walnut at Hightimbers), with BoS going to Julia Christopherson’s Nel (P.Chanel). Both reserves went to Isa’s (and Gracie’s !) puppies, with Kathy Woodger’s Hightimbers Tuppence taking RBD, but Caron McLure’s H.Penny going one better with BP and RBB. What’s in a name ?

It is good to see these youngsters in the ring….heaven knows, we need more people prepared to give it a go. There is hopefully a light at the end of this particular tunnel with the exodus to their new homes of Val and Steve Shone’s puppies in the next few days, as I understand that several will be going to experienced show homes, so the future is looking just that little bit brighter just now.

To end on a rather sad note, I have just heard that Nikki Douglas has had to say goodbye to her wonderful black hovawart, Biko (Int. Ch.Biko van de Bremmerstee) at the age of 11. Biko was well-known over here, with his many visits to Crufts and our Club Show, where he was Best Dog on two occasions. He also sired a litter with Anne Travis’ Dutch champion , Beck (P.Tipperary for Annvad), as well as litters on the continent, so his influence will continue for years to come. He was a most gentlemanly dog, and Nikki and her family must be bereft right now. I hope that they will come soon to the time when the pain goes, and the happy memories remain. Nikki has always been more than ready to help us out, particularly when we have been showing on the continent, so I hope that our sympathy will be some small comfort for her now.

Elaine Betts
01 544 318705
This article was posted on: 15-Sep-11