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Breed Notes - 6 Sep 2011
The holidays are over, and everything is slowly getting back to normal. The house is quiet, and the dogs are all resting in normal places, the necessity for hiding themselves away has passed. Gill Stockton has returned from the IFH meeting in Denmark and horrors of horrors, the dates for our 2012 weekend may have to be changed. I just hope that Maggie Spencer and Janet Pearce will be able to re-arrange all the things we had already booked, and just when we were patting ourselves on the back for being so organized!! If it is necessary, new dates will be printed on the club web site, just as soon as we know them ourselves.

Heard from Val & Steve Shone today and all is well with their litter of puppies. They will be going off to their new homes this next week. Let’s hope one or two of them appear in the show ring, we could certainly do with a few more competitors. We had only 7 entries at Builth Wells. Both the breeder of the dam and the owner of the sire of this new litter have been to visit, which is always nice. Steve and Val are hoping to keep a bitch, problem is……….which bitch? One of the most difficult choices a breeder is to ever make, spotting a promising puppy before 8 weeks. It has been really nice for the prospective new owners to be able to log on to their webcam and view the puppies frequently. I would have to shut it off though when I did the last feed in my PJ’s and even the first one in the mornings!

Min Inches in Scotland is now fully recovered from her hernia operation and pulled off BOB with Jiska at the Perth Canine Club show last Sunday. Can you believe it, it was so hot and sunny that Min got sun-burnt. That must be a first. She also mentioned that Mark Tyreman’s black bitch of 13 is fit and well, always good to read.

It is the Richmond Show, near Guildford this coming weekend, with Terry Munro judging. Do hope he gets a good entry, with hopefully one or two of the puppies we all tried so hard to encourage at Maggie’s reunion weekend. This is the first in a run of 4 weekends, with Darlington next, followed by the Bedford open show, with classes sponsored by the Club, and then our own Club Show. Busy days!!

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This article was posted on: 07-Sep-11