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Breed Notes - 16 August 2011
HOVAWART Breed Notes 16/08/11
Last week I had a flat tyre. I was on my way to meet with Elinor Anderson, for us both to go training together, she for obedience with her two new non-hovawarts, and I with Acorn for trials practice Anyway, half way there, in the middle of nowhere, but on a big main road, I felt the steering go, and was fortunate to be able to pull onto the grass verge. As a member of the RAC, I could have called them there and then, and foregone my training … chance!!! Elinor kindly fetched us, and returned us in the afternoon, at which time I called for help. Acorn and I had a 90 minute wait, during which time the traffic incessantly whizzed past our noses. I don’t think I will have too much bother with the traffic test for Acorn in the KC Good Citizen Gold now. When the RAC man finally arrived, he was attired in the usual high-visibility gear, which frightened me, let alone Acorn, but after an initial wariness, she gave his head a good wash (he was follicularly challenged) as he crouched down at my front nearside wheel. He was impressed with her reaction, saying he was more used to aggression being shown to him, so I think the breed has another convert.
John has got hold of another of the limited edition Steiff Hovawarts , and has decided to do a limited raffle for it, to raise money for the IHF conference weekend, and also the research project that the organisor of the Dexes (named after his Hovawart) gives towards from each sale. Tickets are £5 each, and will be limited to 50. Details are on the club website, but this is a rare opportunity to acquire what could prove to be an antique for the future. I noticed that the commercially available Steiff models are on sale at around the £150 mark, for editions of 2000. Only 1500 Dexes have been made.

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This article was posted on: 17-Aug-11