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Breed Notes - 3 August 2011
It’s the school holidays, and that means grandchildren all over the house for the next couple of weeks or so. The dogs take a couple of days to get used to the noise and confusion, but quickly discover the advantages of high chair missiles and food deposits, to say nothing of biscuits left all over the garden and ball games in the paddock, plus walks to the village sweet shop. I don’t think Little Dorrit the Glen of Imaal terrier puppy has been put down yet. The children take turns in cuddling her.

There is news at last of the Shone’s puppies. Their bitch, Rhea, had 10 live puppies, all three colours and both sexes, what a wonderful first litter. All are doing well at the moment, although it has been difficult keeping Rhea cool during this very hot spell of weather. A wet towel, rung out, and placed in the freezer for 10 minutes before laying it over a hot lactating bitch does the world of good we found. Congratulations to Steve and Val anyway. All enquiries should go direct to them on 01 483 522100.

Sympathy to our Chairperson Gill Stockton who was attacked by one of her cats last week. I think she was only trying to move the cat out of the way on the drive, when it lashed out at her and bit her badly on her hand, resulting in a hospital visit, antibiotics and an absence from the Paignton Championship Show. Do hope you are soon using that hand again Gill, walking those two Hovawarts with one hand must be a nightmare. Cat bites are nasty things, and I am just hoping Gill is up to date with her tetanus shots. Let’s hope she is fully recovered before she heads off for the IHF weekend at the beginning of September. She needs to be on top form for that, trying to follow proceedings in German is quite a task, and she’ll need to take notes….hard to do with only one hand in action, even on a laptop.

Our hardworking secretary Liz has informed me that the schedules for the club show in October are now out, and she has requested us all to enter early, as it helps her to be efficient and get everything dealt with in good time. As usual it is at Oswestry, on Sunday 2nd October. Our own Julie Condron is the conformation judge this year, and obedience classes are under the watchful eye of Sally Collins, so please let’s make a record entry for them.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705

This article was posted on: 03-Aug-11