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Breed Notes - 20 Jul 2011
Exciting times right now at Val and Steve Shone’s, what with the puppies due within the week, and now their website up and running. It is a welcome addition to the growing number of Hovawart sites in the UK, and viewable on Perhaps it would be a good idea if the club website included a directory of members’ site addresses….it is always interesting to find out what everyone else is up to.

Last Saturday saw Dagmar Kenis-Pordham judging the breed at National Working (& Pastoral). Dagmar has long shown an interest in us, and indeed was the first non-specialist to judge our club show, way back in 1990. She found her BoB in our Orchid, with Lucy Campbell and Levi (P.Monet) continuing their good run with BoS. One good feature was that for the first time for a while, there was a puppy, Hightimbers Sixpence, to take the BP award, although I think it would be fair to say that he will benefit from a bit of ring training …..coming on in leaps and bounds has two meanings!! Dagmar did say afterwards that she felt we weren’t making the sort of progress as a breed that she had hoped, but as Min Inches was prevented by her operation from making the trip, and with no Gill, Anne or Val either, there weren’t quite the numbers there that she expected, and maybe she would have felt differently had they all been in attendance.

In a couple of days, Acorn will cease to be the baby of our household, as there will be a new puppy in the shape of Dorrit (she will be little to start with), a Glen of Imaal terrier, joining our family. You wouldn’t have thought that you would even notice the absence of a small, scruffy and hairy dog amongst the Hovawarts and Wolfhounds, but there has been an empty gap since Alice died a couple of years ago, and this little scrap has a lot to live up to. John is very excited, as the Glens are his “thing”……………..when we got together, the only non-essentials things he had were his stamp album and Mabel (Alice’s predecessor)…….I think, though, I will have my work cut out getting him to do the basic coat work needed to keep her in good order. I think the problem is that he read somewhere that Glens should be shown straight off the field. It will certainly be interesting to see how Acorn adapts to the new arrival. The older ones will, of course, put her in her place on day one.

This Saturday we have Maggie’s Training Day, which we are looking forward to. I will report back next week. Also in the future, we now have a new judge for the Welsh KC Show in August, a result of Steve Hall being appointed for Crufts 2012. His replacement at Builth Wells is Albert Wight, who has considerable experience of our breed. I have to say the whole business strikes me as rather odd, since the change was only made last week, certainly after our entry had been sent, and I think very close to the deadline. I would have thought that the change should have been the other way round, as the Crufts lists have only just been published, and the Welsh appointment been known for a long time, presumably with a signed contract from way back.

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This article was posted on: 20-Jul-11