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Breed Notes - 28 Jun 2011
One of the golden rules of dog training is to ensure that your dog has more fun with you “play “training, than being on its own. Acorn (2 years) hasn’t grasped this concept and her latest garden hobby is pouncing on the ground with both front feet together, and then biting great lumps of grass out with her teeth in order to get a defenceless little mole to run away. If she manages to catch one I don’t think she means to hurt them, but her playing is not ideal for their general well-being, and in order to preserve what wild life we have in the paddock she is now confined to a concrete run. Come the winter frosts it will be impossible thank goodness, but I do wonder what she will think of next!

I had a late birthday present this week. John had arranged for a portrait of Mercedes to be painted from a selection of old photographs, and we collected it this last weekend. I am very very thrilled with it. The artist is a young lady by the name of Rachel Wronska, and she was only known to me as a potential new owner for a Hovawart when her existing dog was no longer around, and it was in this capacity that she came and looked at the dogs several months ago. People are just so clever; on the outside she just seemed a friendly nice happy sort of young person, and then “pow” she comes up with a knock out picture that reduced me to tears as it WAS Mercedes. There is a committee meeting in a couple of weeks, and I am going to take it with me to show everybody.

Telephoned Gill Stockton earlier this evening, and I am happy to report that Jim is slowly improving and although very tired and resting lots and lots he is beginning to talk about … … … when they next take the Motorhome out! That is a good sign. The committee meeting is at Gill’s, so we will get to talk to him in person.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 29-Jun-11