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Breed Notes - 07 Jun 2011
We have been sent details of a two day course being run by Caroline & James Dunn (Spicemill), under the banner of “Mind your Dog”, entitled “It’s all about the nose!” They are covering all aspects of nosework, and give a chance to watch the search & rescue professionals of NSARDA Cantech in training. It is taking place in East Sussex over the weekend of August 27/28. Details from Caroline via the Spicemill website or on 01959 561950. It sounds like a good way to get to know your dog’s potential in this area. We have always found that the Hovawart seems to have a real natural ability to do scent work, and maybe this is a way to raise our profile in this area. I have always been a bit disappointed not to see our breed featuring large in the drugs detection field for example.

Once again, we have to congratulate Maggie & Gracie on winning her first “A” competition, so soon after qualifying out of Novice. This is perhaps a good time to remind you about Maggie’s Training Day on July 23rd in Surrey. Contact me or go to the Club website for full details.

Somewhat belated congratulations, to, for Mark & Teddy for taking BoB at the SKC. Liz & Lynne’s Mist was BoS. From the latest report I have received, I gather Lynne is making progress with her bad back, but it seems like it is taking a long time to mend to me, and no doubt to her too.

Julia has sent me details of the Essex Dog Day, a successor to “All about Dogs”, last held, I think, 3 years ago. Unfortunately, Julia and Nell are no able to attend this time, but if anyone else feels like flying the flag for our breed, the event is on August 28th at Hatfield Peveral. Again, details from me or the club website.

Acorn and I attended a Moira Rogerson Working Trials weekend at the home of Gail Gwesyn-Price in Caersws, Wales, which was both great fun but hard work at the same time. Moira kept us all on our toes, and it was two days of boiling hot weather, working in the sun, mitigated, to some extent, by the use of Gail’s dog swimming pool, where handlers and dogs swim together. This can be a wonderfully bonding experience, but if the dog is in any way unhappy about taking to the water, the resultant scratches seem far worse in a swimming costume. Both handlers and dogs collapsed into bed each night, exhausted. It certainly inspired me to keep training, and these weekends do wonders for your motivation. Pity about my lobster-red face.

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This article was posted on: 08-Jun-11