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Breed Notes - 23 May 2011
Sad day yesterday.. Pines Little Rock (Tilly) died peacefully at the Vets in recovery from a bloat. She was nearly 14 and had had many a “senior moment” but during Saturday afternoon whilst pottering out in the paddock with John and I cutting grass she decided to knock the chicken hopper over and eat chicken food, high protein, organic, layers pellets! It was no surprise then when a little while later she blew up and was rushed to the Vets. He tubed her, removed all the food, let the gas out, and after fluid, oxygen, and an antibiotic injection, we left her still sedated, peacefully resting. It proved just too much for such an elderly dog, and she never regained consciousness. Looking back over her long life Tilly was one of those puppies you never intended to keep, as she was returned after a couple of months or so by the young family who originally wanted her. They said she was very nervous, untrainable, and unreliable….apparently at 10 weeks she didn’t walk calmly to heel on a lead! This being the case we sold the puppy “Pippin” we had originally chosen and kept “Tilly” who was taken to training classes and proved to be a sweet girl, who tried to please and never so much as looked sideways at any person or other animal. She achieved her Gold KC Good Citizen award, and was placed in Novice at the club Obedience show, but a new home was never considered, and in her earlier days she was what I call “spookie”. This was partly brought on by a house clearance firm throwing a small TV out of a bedroom window into a skip on the pavement, just at the same moment as I was cycling with Tilly doing my usual postround. Bad timing. Pippin went on to live a full active life with an elderly gentleman who lived for his allotment, and Pippin very soon learnt to only walk in between the vegetables and plants and she would spend hours just watching from the doorway of the customary shed. You have to believe that everything happens for the best don’t you? We will miss her, and it will be some time before we stop putting anything at all edible out of dog reach (none of the others steal at all).
A quick reminder about Maggie Spencer’s training and fun day at the Worplesdon Village Hall on Saturday 23rd July, from 10 – 4. Please try and make it if you can, we are planning everything and anything to do with our wonderful breed. Give Maggie a call on 01483 853042 for more details. Hope to see you there – I think I am doing the grooming and show preparation bit – I think. It will make a change from the catering!

Elaine Betts

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This article was posted on: 23-May-11