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Breed Notes - 18 May 2011
It was at our club show last year, John and I decided to travel to the Czech Republic. Our judge that day was Tapio Eerola from Finland who talked to any remaining club members still left (clearing up) in the make-shift canteen about the quality of the Czech dogs, and he was not wrong. On arriving at the show this last Saturday I just did not know where to look! Wonderful dogs of all three colours, and if it’s possible to drown in visual perfection – then I drowned! Great venue, when we found it (the Czech people don’t go in for a lot of notices) and what I thought it was just a lake with fishermen with maybe a picnic area, eventually opened out into a great venue with cars and camper vans eventually coming into view with several little wooden chalets and picnic tables, so the dog show could be enjoyed by all the family. We sat and watched the dog classes all day, and enjoyed the judging, a little different from the way we do things in UK, but easy to follow and with some very large entries it was helpful to only have the “excellent” dogs brought back into the ring for actual judging. Tails were being inspected very carefully, both length and each joint was individually felt, some rather flat feet (nothing new there then) but very few loose lips or light eyes, and good movement in almost every case. One or two grumbles, but nothing serious, and with more than 50 entire dogs about in quite a small ring (especially to begin with) temperaments were good. Very few really large dogs, far more average to medium size, and a smaller pretty black feminine bitch pushed hard for top honours, only to be beaten by a champion blonde. The Czech people were very kind and very friendly, and the three days we had in Prague were quite wonderful. It’s an interesting city with plenty to do and to see.

Talking of going abroad, we wish Steve and Val Shone the best of luck this weekend because they are off to Germany with their bitch Rhea for a liaison with Igor, after weeks of form filling and deliberating on stud dogs. I hope they are as lucky as we were when we took Chelsea to the same country to visit Arek all those years ago…they hit it off immediately.

Lynne White has been poorly recently with a slipped disc. We wish her a speedy recovery, and hope to see her up and about again soon.

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 18-May-11