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Breed Notes - 03 May 2011
Eleven o’clock on a Friday morning, and John sitting down in the sitting room with all the dogs around him – this is no ordinary day they decided! No work for the master, and mistress out of the way as well, what a treat, let’s doze against the sofa and maybe get our tummies tickled. Wasn’t That Wedding just something else?! I was sitting on the pavement opposite Buckingham Palace from 12.00 midday Thursday until the fly past, talking to John on the ‘phone and although it was exhausting and I can’t recommend a pavement for comfy sleeping, it was well worth every minute of aching bones, and I had a super view of nearly all the action from the palace end of things. Shame I couldn’t spot a Corgi or two. I do hope the beautiful new Duchess of Cambridge acquires a dog to keep her company whilst her handsome Duke is away working.

With our flight to Prague just around the corner, for the Czech club breed show, I got to thinking about making a Will. Air flights tend to get you thinking …… what if?..... The dogs have already been arranged for, but I wondered about the procedure of leaving our Kennel Club affix to our eldest daughter in the event of our death. To check out the correct way to set about it the Kennel Club was duly contacted and I was told to down-load Form no.11 from their website. The form seemed quite straightforward, but probably needs completing, like a will, before one leaves this mortal coil, so let’s hope that if we do that, our affix will go on for a while longer. There is, of course, a fee to pay, but I suspect that will have to be done when the form is activated….when inflation has got at the current £45. Only problem with that is the daughter in question is obsessed with English Bull Terriers! They couldn’t be more different breeds could they, but we inherited it originally from a wonderful old lady called Alfreda Fry who lived in Surrey and bred Westies, Cairns, and Dachshunds, going back to the early 1920’s, so who am I to criticise any particular breed? I have noticed in the Kennel Gazette that sometimes a club is granted an “historical kennel name”. I wonder quite what that entails. More research needed, I think.

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 04-May-11