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Breed Notes - 18 Apr 2011
This week I received from Ans Schellekens, our club patron from the Netherlands, a circular from Animal Planet TV network in USA asking for anyone with a living hovawart that has done something extraordinary…examples given are having a famous owner, saved a life, been a film or TV star, is a therapy dog that has dramatically changed someone’s life etc….for inclusion in series 4 of DOGS 101. If anyone wants more information, please get in touch with me.

I read in the daily paper last week about the increasing incidence of lungworm infection. The angle the paper had was that it is being spread by foxes. When I discussed it with our vet here, he was of the view that at present it was not a big problem in our area (West Midlands & the Welsh Borders), but I must say I don’t like the sound of it, and I for one will be on my guard in future against it. Another issue I took up with the vet….I like to get full value for the consultation fee!!...was the question of irregular heart activity in very young puppies. He assured me that this is not uncommon, but that things are almost always normal by 12 weeks. Apparently, the two sides of the heart are sometimes not quite together at the time of birth, but, just like human babies, the development still continues in the first few weeks of life.

Maggie Spencer is holding a Training day for Hovawarts owners, all ages, colours and sexes……and that’s just the dogs. She is intending to help with Ringcraft training, Obedience for the Beginner, Grooming advice, and anything and everything you may have wanted to ask about our breed, but didn’t like to ask. If you have newly acquired a puppy this is the perfect day for you, and just what you need before you enter our Club annual show in October. The venue is near to Bisley, Surrey (junction 3 on the M3) and the date for your diary is Saturday 23rd July from 10 – 4p.m. Please direct enquiries to Maggie on 01483 853042, or contact me on the numbers below. There will be light refreshments available on the day.

Welsh Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show was last Saturday. Sadly, the entry seemed limited to what might be called our “hard core” of exhibitors, who support the shows through thick and thin. Lovely as it is to see old friends, it really would be wonderful if a few new people entered the classes, I just hope that nobody feels intimidated by the prospect of exhibiting at a championship show, let us hope that Maggie’s day will lend encouragement. Actually, a lot of breeds seemed sparsely populated at this show, such a shame because it is a picturesque setting, and for us at least an attractively scenic drive to get there. However, it does seem to be the trend nowadays. It was a wonderful warm sunny day , we were, despite being fourth in the schedule,in the ring well before lunch. Zena Thorn-Andrews judged us , and found Val Shone’s Flynn BD, with Gill Stockton’s Chalkie RBD. Our Acorn was BoB, with her mother Orchid RBB. After judging we all adjourned to Liz and Lynne’s motor home and sat and eat sandwiches and rolls and drank tea on the grass in the sunshine.

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 19-Apr-11