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Breed Notes - 12 Apr 2011
Always remember if you ever need to put your dogs into professional kennels the first thing you will be asked for is the dog’s inoculation certificates. This is exactly what has happened to us recently. Everything here is usually given injections as a puppy, and then again at say two or three years old, but by the time the dog has got to 9 (Orchid) the thought of boosters has long since gone (this does not apply to Rabies shots, which still need to be kept up every three years, if you want to travel abroad). Three of the dogs need to be kennelled in the near future, because I think we ask more than enough of our house sitter, with chickens, cows, and the remaining four older dogs to take care of, plus garden watering, bird table, and all the other daily jobs. Off we went last week, and all three girls had to start at the beginning again, and each would need two injections. Thank goodness the kennel we are using doesn’t insist on kennel cough as well. All this preparation is so that John and I can travel to the Czech Republic to look at potential stud dogs next month. The only way we feel to select a dog for the future is to go and actually cuddle the dog. It’s all too easy to down load a pedigree and even a photograph, but there is nothing as good as getting your hands on the actual dog. It is the Czech club show on May 14th, and hopefully I will be able to tell you all about it on our return. We will treat it like a little holiday, and stay in Prague for a couple of nights, so the trip is not just dogs. What could be more wonderful than a new place to explore and a decent hotel to stay in. I’m not sure what it says about us, but when choosing where to stay, the first thing we check on is the quality of the breakfasts on offer!

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This article was posted on: 14-Apr-11