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Breed Notes - 05 Apr 2011
First and foremost a request from Gill Stockton to convey her thanks to all the dog friends that has sent her cards, flowers, and messages of sympathy for the long illness and subsequent death of her Mother. Gill has not been able to attend many functions for the past year, and she has been much missed.

Val & Steve Shone have been in touch to say that they attended the Contest of Champions held at London Heathrow Hotel recently, and had a great time. Flynn enjoyed his night out but did not get through to the final. It is nice to be included though, and who knows, one day, a Hovawart might get pulled out.

Paula and Merlot have been up to their winning ways yet again. This time it was the Gold Good Citizen Test, with Findon Downs DTC. Well done Paula. Merlot was selected at the AGM for the Tia Trophy – the Club’s annual award for success in any aspect of dog achievement other than the show ring. Paula, if you remember, has won out of Beginners at Obedience. This is no mean achievement, when you consider that class sizes are up to 60, and we all wish her the best of luck in Novice.

John Mackay, with Harvey, has been making great strides in Schutzhund, and has sent me a wonderful link to a “ YouTube” clip showing Harvey tracking, really impressively, I must say. The wonder of technology! He has progressed from BH to FH,(FH1 is 1200 paces, with 4 articles to find),and it gets harder the higher up the stakes you go. I must say our breed does seem to enjoy tracking, and I just wish we could find an landowner with acres and acres of ground available so as a club we could hold tracking days. Tracking can be undertaken at any age, both handler and dog, and I am sure most of our “pet” dogs would enjoy it. Hope to be in Wales, for Welsh Working on the 16th so see you there.

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 06-Apr-11