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Breed Notes - 28 Dec 2010
Today was the first day of the great “thaw” and now we are awash. Things have been hard here in Herefordshire, I never remember such a snowy wonderland, and all before Christmas. Our animal feed bill will have gone through the roof as everything is having more to eat, with the addition of cod liver oil, extra biscuits at night etc. I must remember to reduce it down again once the warmer weather arrives, or everything will be overweight! Janet telephoned with Obi’s total Hip score of 8 (3-5) which she was quite pleased with, and Maggie has reported on Gracie’s pregnancy, which is progressing well. We are still waiting on news from Nick & Helen regarding Freya, I think a scan is due in the New Year. I have also heard a whisper about another possible mating, so we may well be blessed with a goodly number of puppies come the spring. I believe there are several people waiting, so let us hope that supply will match demand this time.

Our Steiff Hovawarts, “Dex”, arrived just before Christmas, so I had one more unexpected present which I must say I am very thrilled with. It is such a good likeness, with long blonde feathering flowing from the front legs and a long hairy tail, making it very positively a Hovawart. Reinhold Eysel actually told John a little more about the story behind the model, apparently inspired by his real life Dex, who died of degenerative myelopathy, which is difficult to diagnose, but which he feels is more common than people realise. Part of the proceeds of the sale of these soft toys (although they are much more than toys, I can’t think of a better description of what is essentially a canine teddy bear!) goes to the University of Berne, in Switzerland, where genetic research into the breed is being undertaken. The main gene responsible for the disease has been located, but there are several others that are involved still to be pinpointed. They are a limited edition of 1000, of which close to 800 have already gone, so don’t delay for too long if it is something you have been promising yourself. I can help you to the appropriate website if you want help.
May I wish everyone a happy, peaceful, healthy and fulfilling New Year. Don’t forget to send in your Crufts entries in good time.
This article was posted on: 29-Dec-10