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Breed Notes - 07 Dec 2010
I thought I was managing the dogs well here in Hereford with two inches of snow, but I’m only a beginner compared to Min Inches in Perth, Scotland. Today, she is managing her dogs in two feet of the white stuff! Her front door was frozen shut, and with no chance of getting a vehicle down her drive to the road, she has “stayed put” for the last couple of days. Thank goodness the supermarket managed to get to the end of her drive with provisions. With snow that deep, even Min’s big boys must almost completely disappear. Last week’s notes about feet in these harsh winter conditions brought a most helpful email from Julia Christopherson, who has Nel, and more relevantly, a home in the French Alps. She uses cow udder cream, applied prior to a walk, which is apparently just the thing for snow balls in between the pads, so on my next visit to the corn merchants I shall purchase some and try it out, assuming that our strange weather hasn’t gone on to Spring by then.

John has been very tempted recently with the famous Teddy Bear manufacturers, Steiff, who have made a limited edition Hovawart puppy. I guess it’s that time of the year, but to cut a long story short we have ordered one, and will put a picture of him on the club web site shortly after arrival. One plus in this is that part of the proceeds will go towards the Berne University research programme by Elisabeth Dietschi, which we supported so well as a club from last year’s show.

On the subject of memorabilia, just a note to say that we are down to the last dozen calendars, and similarly with the diaries, so get ordering now to avoid disappointment. A new batch of the super wooden jigsaw puzzles, made by the Amish in America, have now arrived. The weakness of the pound against the dollar has caused a price rise, unfortunately, but they are still a fun item, and really rather cleverly done. Keep an eye out for a “living with dogs” book, The Pack Concept, written by Uli Koppel. It features a number of photographs of him with his b/g Hovawart, and has an interesting take on training and dealing with dogs, and their behaviour.
This article was posted on: 01-Dec-10