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Breed Notes - 30 Nov 2010
The Kennel club were helpful to Maggie Spencer and assured her that she will receive her belated prize money in due course. Not bad going when you think that Crufts is just around the corner again.

In spite of the weather conditions we were able to all attend the club committee meeting at Gill Stockton’s house this last weekend, and we all had a nice day, with super food and great company, and also got lots decided. Our show actually made a small profit this year, which will help with the fundraising for 2012 activities. We are also going to try and improve our use of the club website and be more inspired with our input. What we really need are a couple of Hovawart enthusiasts in their late teens, as three quarters of our committee find the internet a constant battle. Mind you, for such a small “numerically challenged” rare breed I guess we don’t do too badly.

Have been struggling with hairy feet again with this recent snow, and had to resort to the paw plunger again on our return home. Do all dogs with hairy feet underneath have this problem? As our breed originated in very cold parts of the world you wonder how they managed. Acorn stops and tears at her feet in a blind panic to remove the hardened snow lumps and I have to keep nail scissors,( and my glasses) in my dog coat pocket for emergency repairs en route. Great weather for tracking, though. Next outing is LKA and Christmas shopping, and thought I might look at dog treadmill machines, just looking, you understand.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 30-Nov-10