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Breed Notes - 23 Nov 2010
The Crufts schedule has arrived this week, with details of all the classes. We are on Friday the 11th March, our judge for 2011 is now Jack B Bispham, who has judged us many times before and who I’m sure will get a really good entry. No change in the entry fees, thank goodness, £22 first entry, and catalogues £5.50. Not the most accommodating set of classes, maybe it’s just as well we haven’t got lots of puppies qualified. Maggie Spencer made me laugh this week when talking about Crufts. Would it be possible for her to claim her prize money a year late she wondered! She was so excited about winning with DJ this year that all thought of prize money got forgotten until the 2011 schedule arrived. I wished her luck, and will keep you informed. Janet Pearce has had a poorly Kyla, and although the bitch is much improved she still likes to be quiet and appears sensitive to a lot of loud noise. Whilst watching TV in the evening Janet and Ian sit on the floor (with Kyla on the sofa) both sporting ear phones to eliminate all noise. I could just picture them. Dog folk are all a little strange at times.

I had a phone call last week from a Dog Rescue Kennels in Somerset reporting on the arrival of a super three year old black and gold entire male picked up roaming the streets. Eventually an owner turned up and told the proprietor his story. The dog had been bred and purchased in Belgium and brought to UK with his family. The family decided that they didn’t want him (Dylan) anymore, so gave him to a neighbour who had had him for 6 months. He then decides that he doesn‘t want him, and refused to pay the required sum of money for his pet’s safe return. We offered to help if needed with re-homing, and advertising Dylan on the club web site, but this is hopefully not going to be necessary, as a friend of the kennels’ owner has taken such a shine to him that he is going home with her. What a brilliant outcome and aren’t some people wonderful. Good luck Dylan, you certainly deserve a third chance.

Committee meeting at Gill Stockton’s this weekend, when the request from Elisabeth Dietschi for more blood for testing will be discussed. Elisabeth’s findings from the initial sampling have now been received, and I hope they will appear on the web site in due course. It is very important for the future wellbeing of the breed that we take every opportunity to increase our knowledge of the genetic make-up of our dogs, just so long as we keep a sense of proportion, and remember that the vast majority of our dogs lead healthy active lives. Sometimes it is difficult to look past the problems that these tests are set up to investigate.
This article was posted on: 18-Nov-10