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Breed Notes - 10 Nov 2010
Congratulations to young Paula Foakes with “Merlot” (Pines Johnathancreek) for qualifying out of Beginners in Obedience. This is a tremendous achievement for Paula, and a great credit to Maggie Spencer, her trainer. Championship Obedience shows have huge classes, usually 60, with lots of fast accurate collies, so a big bouncy adolescent male Hovawart has to go some to compete at all, never mind win, twice. It’s a quiet time now for Obedience, but we wish Paula luck next year when she takes on the Novice stakes. Paula has owned and trained Bernese Mountain dogs previously, and it’s great that she decided to change her breed for this specialist training, and it appears to be working. We will follow her progress in the Spring.

It is ages since I have been to a Ringcraft class, but as a new one started in our local village hall, I thought I would potter along with Acorn. What a lovely surprise, super friendly people, big hall, with big long mats, run by a splendid lady who really knew her stuff. Our lesson today was tremendous, the “Judge” wore a selection of hats – big black crash helmet, then a balaclava, and next week I think it may well be an Easter bonnet! During the tea break one of the members talks about their particular breed, which is informative and always interesting. We have had the English Pointer and the Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael). I guess that it will come to be my turn in time. Acorn didn’t disgrace me although she would much rather play then stand still and pose, her particular favourite is a ten month old Pyrenean, just imagine the chaos they could cause. A great afternoon, and all this for the enormous cost of £2, per dog. How good is that?

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This article was posted on: 03-Nov-10