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Breed Notes - 3 Nov 2010
How embarrassing…the first winner of the very first draw of the club’s money raising scheme for the 2012 IHF weekend was the organiser and club Treasurer, John Sharpe, “fix” I hear everybody shouting, but honestly it was drawn by the local Sub-Postmistress and was all completely above board. Second prize went to Chairman Gill Stockton, and the third to Craig Hosie in Scotland. John will never live that down. Next draw will be 1st December.

Half term has been and gone, as has Halloween. Both these events are hard for our dogs that live indoors. We had grandchildren to stay for the week, and that calls for a certain amount of altered routines, different exercise times, and a master rushing around on Sunday evening in a white sheet carrying a hollowed out jaffa orange with a night light in it (we don’t do pumpkins). Our four year old grandson thought it was great fun and giggled, but the dogs got worried and barked. You do need to stop and think about things from their point of view. The next disturbance will be 5th November, although ours are fine usually, all indoors with curtains drawn. I do wonder what goes through their minds though.

Discover Dogs at Earls Court is the weekend of 13th and 14th November, so if you are at a loss for somewhere to go – why not come along and take a look at all the wonderful breeds. It is a great day out.

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This article was posted on: 01-Nov-10