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Breed Notes - 31 Oct 2010
I received an interesting e mail from Min Inches this week, telling me of her exploits in USA, her Judging, plus Character Tests she officiated at. The breed is quite new to the USA, but they are working hard on keeping the breed true to type, and Min reported that she came away feeling they were at about the stage we were in the UK were about 10 years ago. We do get several enquiries for puppies from the USA – shame we haven’t have enough even for the local demand just recently. Let’s hope we can help in the future, especially when puppies can be sent to USA at 10 weeks of age with just the basic Health Certificate.

John in his role as Treasurer has been putting the finishing touches to the 100 Club fund raising idea this week, as we now have sufficient takers to make it worthwhile. The response has been brilliant, not because so many club members have sent money, but that the few that have replied have been so generous. It’s thanks to this sort of response that we should be able to reach our target for the 2012 Venue and Activities etc. to make the IHF a really good weekend. The first draw will be made on November 1st, and the results will be sent to subscribers and posted on the website. John says it is never too late to join in, as it a rolling draw.

If anybody is keen to help with the Discover Dogs weekend, will they please let me know as soon as possible. It’s the weekend of November 13/14th, and at Earls Court again this year. Maggie Spencer is on duty on the Saturday, and John and I will be there on the Sunday.
Gill Stockton has just attended the KC Health Seminar on our behalf, and I am looking forward to hearing some more details about future developments in genetic profiling etc. I got a brief outline on the phone, but I find that these technical matters take some mulling over, at greater length and leisure than a short phone conversation can be.

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This article was posted on: 01-Nov-10