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Breed Notes - 13 Oct 2010
It had been a very long time since I had participated in the KC Good Citizens Test, and I had quite a shock when Acorn and I scrambled into the room set aside at our show recently. I had entered originally to swell the numbers, as this year it was the Silver level that was the more popular, but the Bronze proved demanding enough. It is easy to be caught out on the question “have you got the means of clearing up after your dog if it makes a mess?” Thank goodness I could find a bag in my back pocket. Identity disc on the collar was an easy one, because she had recently been brought a new, proper collar, as she is fully grown (physically, anyway). Covering the doorway “wait” was dealt with by the command “sit”, and then “come” and I think I helped the “down” by kneeling on the floor myself. Feet, ears, mouth, and throat inspection was not a problem with a tummy tickle at the same time, and walking on the lead was helped by interesting distractions along the way around the main hall. Answering the questions is really talking about your dog, which is always easy to do, and the lovely lady examiner made it interesting, and a two-way thing. The stays, thank goodness, were short, and you can stand where the dog can see you, no problem there. 2 dogs and owners passed the Bronze with 5 passes on the Silver. I do hope we can continue to provide this opportunity for our members, and I for one felt really pleased with my loony adolescent. There is even talk about putting on the Gold test for next year. A big thank you to our assessors, Mesdames Prior and Taylor, who managed to combine rigorous testing with a most friendly and helpful attitude, exactly what was required. Hope to see you both again next year, when maybe Acorn and I will be up to tackling the Silver.

Acorn was also entered in the Beginners Obedience competition, over which a discrete veil should be drawn. Suffice to say that I regarded it as a training round! I hope we will be better prepared for next year’s show. Actually, what with general obedience and control work, together with working trials training, I sometimes marvel at the capacity of these dogs to absorb all we are trying to teach them. It seems that so long as we make it fun, they will have a go at anything.

It looks as if we are just about up to the starting level to get the “100” club underway, so don’t forget to send in your entries as soon as possible. The forms were in the show catalogues and are also available from John at my contact numbers, shown below.
Just one final commendation for Julie, who has, in addition to the Year Book and autumn newssheet….more like a booklet to me….has produced a health information pamphlet, particularly covering the five diseases that our blood samples were collected for at last year’s show, but also including heart disease, cancer, torsion, laryngeal paralysis and hip dysplasia. We should all be aware of the potential dangers of all these problems, and I cannot praise Julie enough for the work she has done for us and our dogs’ wellbeing.

Elaine Betts

01544 318705
This article was posted on: 13-Oct-10