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Breed Notes - 06 Oct 2010
I must admit that driving away from the Oswestry and District Agricultural Soc. Showground, in Shropshire I always feel a terrific sense of relief! Everybody had turned up, the Judge was delightful, all the competitors seemed to have enjoyed their day, irrespective of their achievements, the Raffle prizes arrived as if by magic, the Good Citizens ladies worked away all day, and the Obedience Ring was well attended – all in all I think the committee could say a good time was had by all. Liz, organising for the first time, has every right to feel pleased and satisfied with a job well done. What a great committee we have, and what super friends we all bring with us to help! Thank you everybody that was involved. The weather was ghastly, but even that could have been to our advantage, as everybody had to be friendly – in such close proximity we were all thrown together, everybody was chatting to the person nearest to them. I never did find the two fruit cakes I had made, and remember packing in the car the night before the show. They just disappeared during the journey, and I don’t think they were eaten by dogs, because we took two vehicles, and I had the dogs. I am pretty sure John couldn’t have devoured them AND the silver foil on the way, as I was behind him all the time, and I’m sure I would have noticed!

Our breed specialist for the day was Mr Tapio Eerola from Finland, ably assisted by Bettina scribing for him (as judges from the continent like to have done). She deserves a special mention as the show ring is not her natural habitat. I will just report on the main winners, as all the results, plus our individual critiques will appear later. BIS was White & Whitmore’s Driftingsky Mist. BD was Spencer’s Pines Saxophone at Hightimbers, Reserve BD Jenkins & Wright’s Driftingsky Thunder and RBB Christopherson’s Pines Chanel. Unfortunately, there were no puppies entered. In the Obedience ring, judged by our own Julie Condron (who, incidentally is our breed judge for next year), Pre beginners was won by Orritt’s Pines Conker, Beginners and Novice by Foakes’ Pines Jonathancreek and Class A by White & Whitmore’s Minches Jason of Driftingsky. Additionally, Julie brought the Year Book and the latest newsletter for distribution, so it was a very full on “Hovawart” day indeed.

One added bonus for those staying to the end was the talk our judge Tapio gave after the showing was over. He took the opportunity to give his overall opinion of the breed, as represented at the show, in the UK, and from his experience was able to offer comparisons with other European countries. He also gave us his ideas on the way forward, and was happy to discuss points with us, and finally .. .. .. .. he reported no nervous/aggressive dogs. That said it all, and the committee packed up and left tired but happy.

Elaine Betts

01544 318705
This article was posted on: 06-Oct-10