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Breed Notes - 22 Sept 2010
Sorry for the lack of breed notes for the last two weeks, but after a house full of children and grand children during August, John and I needed a short break away. Rested and re-charged I had to make a couple of phone calls to catch up with all the latest news. Entries at Richmond were low, and our judging was very late getting started, so much so that the working group was in progress whilst the Hovawarts were being judged. Our hard working club secretary was considering writing to the show committee. By all accounts the judge was struggling to get through several numerically large breeds, and worked on tirelessly with no lunch breaks etc. – all thanks to him that we got judged as soon as we did! Steve and Val Shone won both BD and BB a repeat performance of Wales. Congratulations to them. Darlington? Darlington, indeed!! The original entry was, to say the least, poor, for various reasons, all perfectly legitimate. When it came to the actual day, of the 4 entries, 2 were in season and 1 had kennel cough. The remaining dog belonged to the same owners as the in-season bitches….consequence…not a hovawart to be seen. Our super club secretary, conversant with the facts, had the decency and foresight to phone the show the day before to warn them (worth her weight in gold!!)

Once again Julie has organized a brilliant calendar. Twelve super Hovawart photographs, one for each month of the year. These will be available at the club show on the 3rd October or mail order from us here (details on the club website). We have also got a few of the bronze models in stock again now, after several months of waiting, so if you were thinking of one for a Christmas present, speak up now.

Several bitches in season at this time, our Acorn included. What happens to the innocent youngster who knows nothing? Acorn searched out a male (entire) boarder and proceeded to rub herself all along his run, flying her tail, grinning from ear to ear and putting on such a display, you would think she had been given lessons, and her not eighteen months old! A firm hand needed there I feel for the next two weeks.
This article was posted on: 23-Sep-10