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Breed Notes - 03 Aug 2010
Caroline Dunn (Spicemill) telephoned to tell me that Venka had been photographed for use in a new dog book by Claire Arrowsmith,”Correcting Bad Habits in Dogs”, due out shortly. I think Venka was illustrating jumping up and pulling on the lead….. can’t imagine how they got her to do either of those things!
I have also heard this week from Jenny Williams that Morse, her 15 month old dog puppy who has taken on the roll of surrogate “mother” to three Pomeranian puppies. Their total weight is less than four and a half pounds, so I believe her when she says he is very gentle with them. He also looks after a kitten. Our hooligans would think they were lunch! I am always reporting on Acorn’s mishaps, so it’s only fair to mention her odd clever moments – she has always been around chickens so I was particularly distressed to notice her chasing into the chicken run and scattering hens in all directions, when on closer inspection I realized that she was interrupting three alien intruder ducks from eating the layers pellets. Now, that was smart you must admit, especially from quite a distance. Acorn’s second achievement, not intended, and not really wanted, was to push a window further open and jump out, when I was sitting in the garden wanting five minutes peace and quiet. The clever thing about it was that she had to get up onto the window ledge to do it. If only she would do these clever things on command to please me, rather than herself, but I suppose initiative has to be admired. Mind you, I think she will be welcoming quiet times in her kennel, as my 11 year old granddaughter Lilly, staying for 5 weeks with her parents and big sister, has decided that Acorn is just the playmate for her, and after 2 or 3 hours of non-stop ball throwing etc, even Acorn’s energy is sapped.

News from Scotland, that we had classes for the first time at the Fife KA open show, where Craig and Min put in an appearance. Craig’s Caileag took the honours, going on to get Group 4, still a very rare achievement for a Hovawart. Congratulations to them.

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This article was posted on: 13-Aug-10