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Breed Notes - 27 Jul 2010
Just when John and I had decided we would keep Harry, the foreign blond rescue Hovawart, events took a turn for the worse. Early on we realized that a new home would need to be very specialist, and not a “run of the mill” family with little or no “difficult” dog experience, but you start off hoping somebody out there would materialize, with the perfect set-up. No such home presented itself, although one or two kindly folk offered him a place, as company for their existing pet, or offering to try and re-train Harry into acceptance of other dogs and animals. With no warning at all Harry would launch into attack mode be it male, female, big or small, and not necessarily even a dog. Nice with people, which made it hard, but hell-bent on fighting anything else that moved. The last straw was when he caught sight of our cow and calf in the next paddock. They had recently been moved there to eat the grass down, and in spite of post and rail fencing, plus pig wire right to the top of this fence, Harry set about getting over to attack the calf. This resulted in Molly, the mother cow charging the fence, and all hell broke out. It took three of us to restrain Harry, plus a fast running hose, and two leads. We realised then that there was no way back. Harry was a beautiful dog to look at, most handsome, but without good temperament, you really have nothing. We could not take the risk that he might go for another animal when in anyone else’s care, that would be totally irresponsible, just imagine a small child trying to intervene….it doesn’t bear thinking about….and we were no longer prepared to take a chance with any of our animals, either. A sad, sad story, there are downs in dog ownership as well as ups!

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 13-Aug-10