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Breed Notes - 06 Jul 2010
I must start with an apology to Therese Oddsen, whose exploits at Border Union the other week were not relayed to me. Baloo (Driftingsky Lightning) won Best Dog and Best of Breed in Rare Breeds, and followed it up with a 3rd in the Junior Stakes. 6 year-old Tobias Oddsen then also came 3rd in the Junior Handling, where he was the youngest child with the biggest dog, qualifying him for Richmond. The family are now in Norway for their holidays, after a marathon ferry-and-drive trip, and Baloo is entered in 3 Norweigan shows. I hope to let you know how he fares against the local opposition.

Windsor is not a show with classes for us, but hopefully this situation may change after this year’s showing by the Hovawart fraternity. In the AV classes, Maggie Spencer’s Isa (with Claire Scully doing the handling….Maggie was off with DJ in the Champion class) got a 2nd in Junior , Lucy Campbell won Post Graduate Dog with Levi, and Val Shone’s Rhea won Post Graduate Bitch, with Sue Scully 3rd with Lily, and went on to RBB. Maggie had also entered her boys in the Brace class, and finished 4th in a big field. Her only regret was her failure to collect the prize money…Yes, it is still available occasionally! Well done to all concerned.

Anne Stewart’s puppies have arrived, I think a day or so early. There are 9, all black & gold, 6 bitches and 3 dogs….almost exactly what one would wish for, I would think. Perro is back home in Devon handing out the cigars. Now all that remains is for Anne to rear them and find good homes, which is often more difficult than you might think, as the breed is not for everyone, needing, as it does, a considerable amount of input on the training front. Unfortunately, Hovawarts left to their own devices are inclined to go “self-employed”, and their choice of occupation is not necessarily one you would have chosen for them!!

As you know, Julie Condron has not been feeling 100% of recent weeks, but she is struggling on, and at present is putting together the calendar. She would very much like some more pictures to make a choice from, particularly those with blacks or blonds. Her email address is , so please get clicking (if that’s what you do nowadays) and get those photos in to her a.s.a.p. She needs them by the end of the month at the very latest. We have had super calendars for the last few years, so don’t let us down this time. Thanks.

I would love to be telling you at this time how Whistle got her UDex qualification at the weekend. Unfortunately, although she got enough marks in total at the Wessex Championship Trial in Devon on Saturday, she failed by ¾ of a mark in the control section, thus wasting her super track (88 out of 90) etc. It was a very long drive home, I can tell you! Mind you, one must have some perspective, and my disappointment has been somewhat tempered by attending a funeral today, and my daughter’s father-in-law being flown 700 miles to hospital in an air ambulance at the weekend.

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This article was posted on: 07-Jul-10