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Breed Notes - 22 Jun 2010
It was Border Union Show last Saturday, with classes for us for the first time. Julie Condron was due to be the judge, but an accumulation of her medical problems had her in hospital instead. Happily, she is now recovering from the operation, although she is having a hard time getting the medication levels right. She really has had a rough few months, and we all wish her well. We were very fortunate to find that the substitute judge was Keith Nathan, who proved so popular a couple of years back when he “did” the club show. He found his Best Dog and Best of Breed in Angela Gallacher’s Fasskoleys Liam of Calindi,(I believe a first such success for this team in the breed,congratulations!!) with Min Inches’ Tyhelva Neo Nexus in the reserve spot. On the distaff side, Best Bitch was Neo’s litter sister, T.Super Summer of Driftingsky, owned by Lynne White and Liz Whitmore, with Min again taking reserve with her Houwaert’s Jiska. Regretfully, we were unable to get there, as John had to fill in at work at the last minute, but reports have come to me of how enjoyable a show it was, wonderfully organised, with parking by the ring and excellent signposting. It was also marvellous to see Craig Hosie there, after such a difficult year for him and his family. Happily Sarah is now home from hospital, so let’s hope that things keep improving for them from here on in.

Maggie Spencer has finally got that elusive first in Novice Obedience with Gracie at a show in Wallingham, beating 46 other competitors…..and the show people think they have it hard !!...., having been just off the top place several frustrating times before. Ironically, on previous occasions, she has been in the lead, only to be pipped at the last moment by the last competitor, but this time, she was the last in, having been stay-stewarding. Maybe there is a tactic here worth taking up. News of Lloyd, he has at last seen a consultant, and is having an MRI scan this week. Perhaps that will tell them what is actually the problem, so they can start to get him sorted out at last. He has lost nearly 3 stone in as many weeks, and whilst John and I could do with a reduction, I wouldn’t wish that method for anyone.

Anne Stewart’s puppies are due in a couple of week’s time, and first-time “dad” Keith Denby just happens to be visiting Ireland at the beginning of July…almost perfect timing if the birth is like our Whistle’s last litter, a week early, otherwise he will have already returned home and will miss it all. From experience, Keith, I would advise you to avoid the very early days, it can be a bit messy, and the puppies are not very interesting. Try to get over when they are 5-6 weeks old, much more fun.

We have, in view of the warmer weather, taken the rather dramatic step of having the groomer to our two old spayed girls, Tilly (12) and Limerick (11). They were both heavily coated, and now look not unlike Dobermanns, but I must say they seem happier for it, certainly the “puffing” level is greatly reduced. They both rather enjoyed the attention they got, and revelled in the bath/shower that was part of the process. I think an experienced knitter could have made jumpers and woolly hats for a family of four from the debris!

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This article was posted on: 23-Jun-10