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Breed Notes - 08 Jun 2010
Our recent committee meeting was held in one of the restaurants at the National Rifle Association at Bisley in Surrey, in order to check out all the various facilities required for the October 2012 International Meeting. Very pleased to report that it ticks all the boxes, and should allow the club to really put on a fun and show weekend, as well as the more serious conference etc. Bisley also scores highly on accessability, with airports, docks, the channel tunnel and ferries all a (reasonably) short journey away. We all left the venue feeling quite excited, determined to give a good account of ourselves to all the foreign delegates, in spite of the small club membership. Maggie returned home after the meeting to find Lloyd slumped on the floor unconscious, and had to dial 999, and request an ambulance. The A & E department at the local hospital sorted him out temporarily, but had no bed to offer him. They are awaiting the results of several tests now. A worrying time for both of them, and we all wish Lloyd a speedy diagnosis at least!

News of puppies is that Anne and Dave have a litter of 5 (3 dogs and 2 bitches) with a choice of colours, at the moment this information is second-hand, as I haven’t yet had the chance to speak to Anne myself. The other “whelping” we are waiting for is Caroline & James’ second baby. Again, I have not managed contact as yet, but arrival must be imminent, and I will let you know as soon as I do. I was also hoping to hear whether Anne Stewart’s mating of Jaunty had been successful, but again my spies have failed me.

Details of the fundraising “hundred” club will be going out with the Year Book, so do please take up entries to make it a success, and get money raised for the IHF event. After Sunday’s visit to Bisley, it is at last feeling not only real, but rather closer all of a sudden, and funds will be of the essence. Contact me for details just as soon as you like!

Maybe we are at last getting better known. I have just heard from “Harry” (one of last year’s puppies….or rather his owner Bryan) that 3 times recently he has been recognised as a Hovawart. Two of the people said they remember the breed from “Discover Dogs”, a big plus for the KC. It makes you feel that all that chatting in November and at Crufts is really worthwhile. We have also had some super photos from two of the re-homed dogs, and so far they are both doing really well.

Elaine Betts

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This article was posted on: 09-Jun-10