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Breed Notes - 18 May 2010
I had an e mail from Paula Foakes telling me that Merlot had won the pre-beginners class at Culverston Obedience Show. She was very thrilled and I know it will encourage her to continue her obedience training. Paula intended to work in obedience all along with a Hovawart, although she knew a big male would not be easy. One very determined young lady, who I hope to report on again in the future. At the same show Maggie Spencer and Gracie got a 3rd in Novice. With two competitors to go Maggie was leading, but both the final two rounds pushed Gracie into 3rd place. That way around was hard, so much better to have been 4th or 5th and then at the end find out you have moved up to 3rd place.

Next month’s committee meeting is being held at a potential venue for the IHF weekend and conference. It is not easy to find a place that will accommodate a small conference, dinner and dog activities and a combined breed and obedience show, but at least the Olympics will be over by then, and facilities will still be available. As soon as something suitable is agreed, I will write up the details, so that everyone can start planning in earnest.

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This article was posted on: 21-May-10