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Breed Notes - 16 Mar 2010
Well, it is all over for another year. Crufts always seems like the end of something, although in reality, for a lot of us, it marks the start of another showing year. We went on two days to the NEC, breed judging was on day one this time, and we manned the “Discover Dogs” stand on the Friday. The detailed results will be posted elsewhere, but Maggie Spencer had a real day to remember with DJ taking BoB, and Isa Best Puppy. After a dire winter, it was super to watch Craig Hosie so pleased with best bitch with Caileag (hope that’s right!). Min Inches said she and my John would make a good pair, with one good leg each! She was very grateful to both Craig and Anne Stewart for doing the running for her. It is so nice to be in a breed where everyone is prepared to help each other. In the group, DJ was given close scrutiny, and Zena T A seemed to like him, just not quite enough to make the cut. Looking at the line-ups in the breed ring, I feel that the quality overall is continuing to improve, and we have had a doubling of our entry in the last 5 years, so we are moving in the right direction. One thing to note is the way home grown dogs hold their own against the continental entries, even though presumably the foreign dogs have to be exceptional to qualify….another cause for optimism.

I don’t know if it was just me, but was Crufts quieter this year? There seemed much more room to move around, and “Discover Dogs” had fewer visitors, and less serious enquiries, certainly than Earls’ Court. Just as well, because the dogs were almost comatose after their showing stint the previous day. Needless to say, they were their usual bouncy selves for their walk on Saturday!!

A very rare happening for us in Hereford last week……Acorn was having a socialising visit to the city, when, as we stood outside M & S, two sets of people came up to us, saying “ She’s a Hovawart, and you must be Debbie’s mum (friends of my daughter, who lives in Bermuda, visiting Hereford for the day)/ Elaine (Enid and Terry Larrett, again just there for the day, and about to take up a job as caravan park managers in Scotland, for the season, near Min). It is so unusual for the dogs to be even considered a proper breed, let alone to be recognised for what they are.

To go back to the subject of Crufts, a couple more thoughts. Even with the change of ring, judging didn’t start till nearly 3 pm, which is a long time for the dogs, particularly the youngsters, to be waiting. Our judge, Terry Munro, then was courtesy and thoroughness itself, giving every dog ample opportunity to be seen and show off its paces, but that, with our larger entry, meant that it was 6 pm, and the group was being called before our BoB was declared, and DJ and Maggie were whisked away pretty smartly to make the group, not even leaving time for the traditional photoshoot, which I know was a disappointment for Maggie. Whilst there will always be differences of opinion about the placings on the day, absolutely no-one could fault the way Terry undertook his task. We were all very appreciative….thank you.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 18-Mar-10