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Breed Notes - 19 Jan 2010
I had a nice telephone conversation this week with Ian Winfield, a gentleman who owns a Hovawart called Darcie, aged 14, and still full of life. She no longer tackles long walks, but is very much up for the four short ones that are on offer. He was interested to know just what age Hovawarts have been known to live to. Darcie (Homesen Aphrodite) is bred by Bob and Caroline Richardson, out of Berkenbos Oklahoma by Hofwarth Senator, and is held together by steel plates after a road accident at two years old. After talking to Julie she tells me that she has known of two or three getting to 15 plus. It seems as if the dangerous age is around 8/9 years and if you get past that the Hovawart can make really old bones.

Julie was remarkably cheerful considering she has 3 hospital visits, all for different things, next week alone. Perhaps the most concerning is the cataract operation, due on Thursday, which is very much a black and white affair, with failure meaning blindness in one eye. Julie, our thoughts are with you for a successful outcome.

The documentation has arrived for the Club AGM, and nominees are being sought for the committee. Perhaps this is a good time to plug how vital committee members and club officers are for the wellbeing and continuation of all dog breeds. I know there are often disagreements and squabbles amongst members, but by and large, everyone has the best interests of their breed at heart, and work and time are given unstintingly, for little or no reward. I think it would be good if some of the younger enthusiasts were to take part in committee work, so that the future can be viewed as a continuum, and it is up to us, who have been involved for many years, to help that process come about.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 20-Jan-10