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Breed Notes - 23 Nov 2009
I try not to be too excited about our achievements in these notes, but on Sunday I was very proud of Whistle, who, in spite of my “help”, managed a qualifying round, admittedly behind five better scores, in open UD. This was achieved despite the wind and rain, which make jumping, tracking and stays rather difficult. It was at the Wessex Trial at Upottery, where she did well previously, so I think we will be returning there again to have a go at championship UD. I must say that she is very different to work than Orchid, who tended to have an opinion about whether she felt like performing on the day. Whistle always tries her best to do what I want, but I know that sometimes the message gets lost in translation. Not on Sunday, though!

The world of Hovawarts is very wide. This last week we have had a puppy enquiry from South Africa, and an application for club membership from Taiwan. We have always been extremely well treated every time we have visited foreign parts, so it is good to be able to offer assistance when it is requested from abroad. The world seems to have shrunk so much since I started in dogs some 45 years ago (is it really that long?). Then we were very much in awe of foreign visitors at Crufts, and now we are find them in competition in the ring. What will the world be like in another 45 years? I don’t suppose I shall be here to know, but…

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 23-Nov-09