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Breed Notes - 16 Nov 2009
We went up to Earls’ Court yesterday (Sunday) to man the Hovawart stand, and our day there started by us walking in with an extraordinary pink and yellow spotted (originally white) standard poodle, raising money for “Children in Need”. It is amazing how much effort people put into worthy causes, and I am sure they raised a lot at the show…they certainly deserved to. We took” Orchid”, “Whistle” and baby “Acorn”, and I am happy to report that they all greeted the visitors in good friendly fashion, as did the others helping on the day, “Harry” with Hilary and Bryan, “Levi” with Lucy and Pam, “Morse” with Jenny and her granddaughter, and “Finn” with Margaret. A special word of thanks go to both the puppies and the veterans among them. It is particularly heartening to watch puppies overcome their initial reticence and accept fussing from strangers.

Maggie and Lloyd put up the stand on Saturday, and Lloyd has made some super additions including lots of silhouettes that hang from the beams and a couple of stands for leaflets etc. that really enhance the whole effect, so much so that we were told that that we made the top ten in the judging of the stalls. What a star he is!! They had their two boys there, “DJ” and “Isa”, and Janet had “Kyla” and “Obi” and they were so busy that they had to return on Sunday to go round the wonderful array of stalls on offer. Sarah, who only lives just round the corner from the hall, popped in with “Jules”, which meant that the entire contingent this year were black & gold. Happily, there lots of super photos of blacks and blonds on display, I wouldn’t like my predisposition towards b/gs to be too noticeable!!

For, I think, the first time, we managed to take the right route out of the car park, and it still took us an hour and a half to cover the two miles to the M4. It is salutary for us country-dwellers to tackle the Great Wen occasionally, so we can put a couple of hundred yards following a tractor and trailer into perspective. I also ought to issue an apology to our old “Tilly”. Last time I accused her of getting diarrhoea as a result of stealing our kippers. She did steal them, but events on Sunday lead me to believe that she actually had a bug, as our other 4 all suffered, embarrassingly in public for the 3 at Earls’ Court. “Tilly” is unrepentant, devouring two chocolate Father Christmases and most of the silver foil, this time to no apparent ill effect.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 17-Nov-09