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Breed Notes - 28 Oct 2009
Acorn went to her first show last week. I think she is possibly the most difficult puppy I’ve had, as she is forever bouncing about, absolutely sure she knows every dog and every person we pass (or try to!) The training routines that work well in the garden at home go right out of the window, and I suppose I am pleased with her confidence….until she is in the ring! She might know everyone else, but the judge, she couldn’t possibly know him, could she? A big thank-you to Rodney Oldham and Stuart Mallard for their patience and forebearance. They both showed tolerance in spades, just what we needed for a first outing, so that next time will hopefully be a happy experience again for her. It would be so easy to spoil her showing for ages with hard handling, so, gentlemen, you have our gratitude.

Actually, she did have a lot of fun at the show because her brother Isa was also having his initiation into the mysterious show world, and a lot of rompsing took place. We decided to take her on her own, to make the day focus on her, and I think it worked quite well. Even the results were OK, with Isa being pulled out in the puppy stakes class, and Acorn winning over him for AVNSC best puppy. It is only fair to mention that the entries were not large, and absenteeism was rife!
Don’t forget the Calendar (and one lonely diary!). Christmas is rapidly approaching, so get your orders in soon.

Elisabeth Dietschi has expressed her amazement and gratitude for all the blood samples. She must have spent hours on the keyboard chasing up missing bits of pedigrees etc. It will be very interesting to watch the information come back to us.

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 29-Oct-09