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Breed Notes - 14 Sept 2009
This weekend saw a larger than usual entry of hovawarts at Richmond for Dan Ericsson from Sweden, 27 dogs entered. We got our timing wrong, and missed the veteran class with Orchid, the first class, but at least this year the weather was super. Quite a lot of the conversation round the ring was reminiscing about how awful it had been last year. Breanna turned the tables on DJ to take BoB, but there were new winners of the reserves, with Obi taking the dog award for Janet Pearce, and Nell RBB for Julia Christopherson. Best puppy was Liz and Lynn’s home bred Mist. We did enter the new “Best Breeder” competition, but unfortunately could not wait for the group. At least we now know how it works.

Gill Stockton came back from the IHF conference in Holland with the exciting, if anxious-making, proposal that we host the conference again in 2012. Apparently, the delegates greeted the idea with enthusiasm! At least we have previous experience to call on. Another development is that Elizabeth Dietschi has asked for blood samples from dogs to help research into the five research projects currently being conducted by the Institute of Genetics at the University of Berne, Switzerland. The five are Livershunt, Degenerative Myelopathy, Sebadenitis, Hypothyroidism and Radius Curvus, all problem areas that Hovawarts, either here or on the continent, have encountered. To get genetic tests for these diseases so that they can be eliminated from our breeding programmes would be so beneficial to our whole future. Hopefully, the Club is arranging for samples to be taken at the show on October 4th, which should give us a really good start from the UK. Full details are available from me, and should be sent to all current club members. It is very important that as many samples as possible are sent, not just potential and current breeding stock, as all the dogs are related to those in the breeding pool !

On a sad note, Craig’s wife Sarah is back in hospital with their new baby. All our best wishes go to them for a speedy recovery.

I can now say for certain that the model will be available at the show, because we actually picked them up last week. Also on sale will be a new venture for us, a show diary, in conjunction with “Dog World”, just the thing for the show enthusiast, or indeed anyone who needs to keep track of their engagements. It looks as though we will have another Championship with breed classes next year, as we have heard from Border Union. I have not been to shows there for a year or two, but I seem to recall that they always have lovely weather…..that will almost certainly guarantee rain next year!!

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 15-Sep-09