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Breed Notes - 1 Sept 2009
A couple of results from recent shows have been ‘phoned through this weekend. Firstly, Maggie and Lloyd Spencer got BoB with DJ and BoS with Gracie at the Stichting Hondententoostelling Show in Rotterdam. The judge was Dr. C.Birck, from Denmark. They were very thrilled, and the result made the long trek well worthwhile. I think they arrive home tomorrow (Tuesday) Isn’t it extraordinary the way the return journey never seems to be so long when you have been successful?

Min Inches also e mailed to let us know that, despite being the only Hovawart person there, she did well in “rare breeds”, with Neo winning the open dog class, and Killarney second to the overall winner in postgraduate bitch. Icing on the cake was Jiska winning the veteran stakes. I’m not sure that isn’t a first for our breed. Min’s granddaughter Hazel did the physical bits as Min is still suffering from when she hurt her leg at Dundee. Well done to all concerned.

Don’t forget that entries close very shortly (September 12th) for the Club Show on October 4th at the usual venue, Oswestry. If you don’t feel like competing in the breed classes, how about having a go at the Obedience, where there is a pre-beginners class, and an absolute promise of no border collies to make your dog look like a slow learner !! There will also be a bronze KC Good Citizen test which everyone should try to achieve. At the very least it will be a chance to see the year’s biggest gathering of Hovawarts of all three colours, and be amongst the first to get a 2010 calendar, which you can peruse while consuming one of Ann’s famous bacon butties. I am also reliably informed that after an absence of, I think, 3 years, the model will again be for sale. Full details and schedules from Julie on 01 253 777186.

Things returning to normal here at home, grandchildren returning home to school, quad bikes, cricket bats, balls and outside furniture all need putting away until next year, and a little more time for training and ring craft classes with the puppy. I do wish Acorn would let folk look at her teeth properly! That’s the task in hand next, as she is entered for the puppy class at Midland Counties in October.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 31-Aug-09