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Breed Notes - 3 Aug 2009
Monday this week saw us heading to the southwest for the Paignton Show at Exeter. I must say that the signposts we passed to get there brought back many childhood memories of holidays in Devon and Cornwall, and the weather reminded us that quite a lot of our weeks’ stays were spent in the hotel games room, rather than on the beach!!! Brenda Banbury was our judge, and she made sure everyone had an enjoyable day by so obviously enjoying her task of judging us. Regardless of the placings, it makes such a difference to everybody’s day out if the judge is prepared to smile and exchange a few pleasantries with the exhibitors. On Monday, we were treated to an exhibition of how it should be done, and it is a shame that one or two of the judges we have had in the past were not there to see it. On the results front, for the first time for a long time, we had a Best Puppy in Lyn & Liz’s Mist. That gave us considerable encouragement, and we are busily scanning the schedules to see where we can get Acorn started. BoB was Anne’s Brianna, with Maggie’s DJ BoS.

Talking of Acorn, I have taken her a couple of times with Whistle, whom I am trying to get swimming, to Gail’s (indoor, heated !!!) pool near Newtown. The first time she walked boldly in and straight off the side, hitting the bottom well out of her depth, but she wasn’t fazed at all, and went happily down the ramp, once she’d been hauled out and rubbed down. It is such a lovely sight to see a Hovawart swimming properly that I try to encourage all of ours to take part, hence the trips with Whistle, who needs a bit of encouragement to take the plunge, after her first experience with water, which was at the seaside being dragged in by an overexcited granddaughter…..that takes a bit of getting over !!

I would like to be saying that you should be sure to give your Hovawart the opportunity to be in the cool, on tiles or concrete, and shade during the hot weather, as they are much better designed for the cold and wet than the heat……..this year, aren’t they the lucky ones ?!?

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 08-Aug-09