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Breed Notes - 28 Jul 2009
The response to the questionnaire sent out by the club with the recent newsletter and Year Book was disappointing to say the least! Three replies were received, so the club will not be putting on a variety of events this coming year. I guess we are still too small with too few members spread too widely to actually operate as a national club. The only event that seems to work is the show which has a history now of some twenty years and is a fixture in the calendar. The only other opportunity that presents itself is the club AGM to which everybody is invited, but is not something that attracts a lot of support from members, and in the past having other things going on the same day have had limited appeal.

Inevitably, with a membership of less than 200 spread throughout the United Kingdom it is a real problem to get folk together, but we will try and find out if other “small” breed clubs manage any better. One topic that does come up frequently, particularly from colleagues on the continent where in some countries pre-breeding tests are mandatory, is the question of temperament/character assessment. Whilst in theory such tests are manifestly a good idea, and indeed we encourage everyone with a Hovawart to attempt the KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, in practice we find it very difficult to get together enough willing participants to organise a test just for us. By and large, muddling along seems to work OK, but it would be better if we could resolve the conundrum in a more structured manner. Gill brought us a DVD of the Dutch test in action, which created a lot of interest, not all of it uncritical.

The next happening is Paignton Show next week. From what we have heard, the entry should be better than we’ve been seeing of late, but to us it is the signal that we are about to have the annual month’s visit from our daughter, son-in-law and 2 granddaughters, 12 & 10. It is lovely to see them, but the dogs need to have extra tolerance, and it will be a relief if we make it through without incident, as the girls are very enthusiastic about playing with the dogs, but are not quite as aware when enough is enough !!

The entries for the IHF Show, in Holland this year at the beginning of September, are closing soon. We hope to be able to go, and may even take Orchid and Whistle if they can regain a bit of the coat they have been shedding profusely since the puppies have gone.

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 01-Aug-09